René Georges, painter and sculptor

Born on 21.11.1956 in a small German-speaking village in Belgium, the fourth son of a modest family of 5 children, I already take my backpack by the age of 14 years to make a first trip by my one with just a few pennies in my pocket.

It is the sense of adventure, the desire to discover the world and the Universe that pushes me. Later, I will travel in the whole world. "Count on yourself and the rest will follow" is my motto. I can still hear my father say: You are not like the others.

After discovering the clay at the age of 22, I decide to go to study art in London in a high-level school that trains people to develop their own style.

Back in my hometown, I meet a self-taught artist whose company I share for several months. He is 80 years old. I often go to the restaurant with him. We're on the same wavelength and spend good moments together.

After that, I go to spend 5 years in the South of France (Narbonne) to discover the light, the colors; I learn to feel them, to use them in a harmonious way by myself. (First in small, hidden ways and shy like a mouse and afterwards on canvas up to 4m²).

At the same time, I continue to create and develop my own style of sculptures (the Laureate "Young Sculptor Exterior).

Back in Belgium, I continue to create a large series of unique paintings, a new series of original sculptures.

Each time I am amazed myself. The playful side supports the achievement of the pieces.

From air and fresh water a piece of work materializes by itself. The use and the spending of energy for the realization is huge every time.
The themes that come to mind after achieving my sculptures have to do with individuality, friendship, meeting each other, balance.
It seems to me that there are lost values ​​wishing to resurface in our time.

A 3rd source of creation is music composition. Regularly pretty new tunes (melodies) come to me when I'm in my 'dreamer' state.

I don't know where they come from, and they come to me completely by themselves without me doing anything. In the following minutes, I whistled them and saves them on my mobile phoner. Otherwise,after maybe 1/4 of an hour, the melodies are gone.

I regard myself as a messenger and channel of informations received from another Universe which is manifested inside of me as soon as I start listening to it. This Universe is huge and I'm only in the beginning after more than 30 years of experimentation. The joy and happiness that I feel is indescribable.

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