René Georges, paintings and sculptures in the village SUXY Belgium

On my website I present you my passions, paintings and sculptures.

I always look forward to create something new from a grain of inspiration, this passion for painting and sculpture allows me to make a work lively, beautiful, soft, fragile and strong at once.


With regard to painting, each piece of work is an adventure for me in the beginning, not knowing what will come out, what will be the result. The painting evolves by itself and it is under this law that I stroke her with paint!

With regard to my sculptures, I assemble pieces, shapes. The end result is never an idea from the beginning. The piece is created in the process of realization.

I use the following materials :

- Oil Painting, painting medium, canvas, canvas paper, fixing varnish.

- Clay (for creating baked model), plaster, rubber, polyester mold embodiments, cement, foam, chicken mesh (for prototyping), 6mm concrete bar balloon to form the rounded parts, smoothing paste, paint, varnish.

My way of working :

Paint, canvas, a pencil to do some lines according to the inspiration that comes from my inside, sometimes after my morning meditations, after a walk by my own in the nature - quiet where I can daydream, relax , log out and go to my world or after a nap.

The work itself is an adventure for me. I do not know in advance witch color I use, witch form I create. By working I feel what is right.

I'm in another world, disconnected from the time, the duty, ...

I often listen as classical music, soft, meditative, jazz. It relaxes me, makes me lighter, lifts me up and logs me out of my mind.

Here are the places where I exposed (René Georges exhibitions, click this link.pdf file 33Ko) during them + - last 35 years.

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